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Inspiring   incentives

NEXclusive has more than 30 years of experience in creating distinctive and tailor-made group and incentive trips in the Netherlands, Europe and far beyond.


We always find the perfect destination and content for you, that connects seamless with your organization and goals. We are happy to inspire you with the nicest programs that create a wow effect for your colleagues or business relations.


Our trips has a high 'fun' content and we always provide connection between people with surprising team building activities.


We work with carefully selected partners and we accompany the trip ourselves, so we know for sure that the trip will run smoothly.


For ‘standard’ trips you should not contact us, we make a trip for you that fits like a glove. That sounds very exclusive, but this is not the case. For every budget we offer special locations, surprising activities and unique accommodations.


Something really special happens within your organization when you go on a trip together and when you experience something unique in a completely different environment.


•        It connects colleagues

•        The hierarchy disappears

•        The We-feeling will be created

•        Creates higher profit

•        Leads to closer teams, loyal employees and customers

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